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About Us

We started as a picnic, we grew into a movement

As excitement grew, Recover Michiana Fest grew. Our grassroots organization attracted people and entities from across the country who wanted to be a part of it. We heard countless stories of people who can't find support and resources for themselves or a loved one. We heard, we listened and our vision became clear...
  • Education and Prevention
  • Resources
  • Peer Recovery Support
  • Celebration
  • Memorialization

Meet the Core Committee

Beth Szweda

Beth Szweda is a founding member of Recover Michiana Fest. Beth’s family struggled with finding resources for their loved one for almost a decade. When the father of her children, Brian lost his battle with substance abuse, she started a quest to make change and help other families living through it. Partnering with Alicia and Deb began as a way for her and her 2 kids to somehow use their pain to make a difference. Her daughter Jillian, now a freshman in college is also a founding member and is highly active in the planning committee. New this year, Beth and Jillian are creating a college scholarship fund in Brian’s honor for other children who have lost a parent.

We are here to support families and especially kids who are faced with the pain of growing up with substance abuse in their family. The hope is that we will look back on each year of Recover Michiana Fest and see that a difference has been made and we have given hope for peace and recovery.

Alicia Wells

Alicia Wells is a Treatment Advocate for Recovery Centers of America, as well as the founder of two local nonprofits - Recover Michiana Fest and FANS (Fresh Attitudes for New Success). She is also a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and a person in long-term recovery.

In all aspects of her personal and professional life, Alicia is passionate about helping individuals find their unique pathway to recovery from Substance Abuse Disorder, as well as supporting and educating their loved ones throughout the process. As someone who has personally navigated both incarceration and Substance Abuse Disorder, she utilizes the hard-won knowledge gained from her experiences to offer non-judgmental, compassionate guidance as she connects clients and families to treatment options in lieu of, or in addition to, incarceration.

Alicia is a graduate of the 2018 cohort for the SPARK program, a member of Women Business Owners of Michiana, and participates on the review board for the Dismas House of South Bend. She is a devoted wife and mother, and a loyal friend who always celebrates the successes of those around her.

Alicia’s vision for Michiana is to create a resilient community where all recovery-related organizations and the judicial system network together to make treatment easier to access and reduce barriers to successful reentry after incarceration.

Deb Campiti

Deb Campiti’s involvement with RMF started as a direct result of losing her son Nick to addiction. She is the founder of the Nick Willard Live Again Foundation, which aims to make treatment options easily accessible to and more effective for those seeking help. Her son was in treatment several times, but the available services offered were minimal and deficient, at best. Through her work on behalf of both her own foundation and RMF, she remains committed to reducing and even preventing tragic loss of life through increased access to high quality recovery services.

Deb is a native of Michiana. She and her husband are fortunate to have three wonderful grandchildren who light up their lives.

Email us at recovermichianafest@gmail.com

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